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20784954_sEarlier this year I was given the opportunity to support what I consider a very worthwhile initiative.  It has been spearheaded by Debra Scott of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and called the Awesome Foundation Newmarket.  Support in part means financial.  The 10 of us that were selected are known as volunteer Trustees.  We each contribute $100 per month, for a total of $1,000 monthly for individuals or organizations in the form of a grant. We will do this monthly for a year.  The grant money for our chapter is directed specifically to those with ideas that promote education, community involvement and/or employment for youth.  Youth is defined as those under the age of 30.  The ideas don’t necessarily have to come from the under 30 group but they are the ones that will benefit from the initiative.

To apply for the grant, please click here.  When you click on apply now you will be linked to a short form to complete.  The first decision you will make is the Chapter you are applying to receive the grant money from.  As it says on their website “Need some funding for your crazy brilliant idea?”.  The process is very simple and straightforward. So you’ll tell us a little about yourself and the project you want funding for.  It also wouldn’t hurt to mention that it is an awesome project and you’re the right person to pull it off, and how you will spend the money.  It is truly a very informal process. And there’s no follow-up with us as to the success or results of the project or how the money was spent.  No strings attached.

For the Newmarket Chapter, our first deadline for applications is June 15th.

The Awesome Foundation was started in Boston about three years ago and chapters have started in numerous locations in North America, Europe, Great Britain and Australia.  The Newmarket chapter is the first to be initiated by a chamber.  So whether you’re in Tampa Bay or Toronto, you can apply to those chapters.  Most chapters want to keep the project in their own community.

So, if you’re under 30, a parent, grandparent or organization that has an idea to help youth in the Newmarket community, submit your idea for our review. It could be a start up business, community clean-up, art or science project or a presentation for social awareness. The ideas are unlimited. For a glimpse at successful grant applications and their projects, please click here.

If you like the idea of business leaders, organizations and communities working together, perhaps you want to start your own Chapter. The possibilities are unlimited and awesome!

I’d love your feedback! Have you been involved in something like this? Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog via the commentluv feature here on the site. And share this information with your friends and family!

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    • Maureen
      Maureen says:

      Yes Laura that is correct. One area where we’re having a challenge is actually getting the word out to the community. Are you involved in the Awesome Foundation in your community? If you are how do you generate interest in the Foundation and motivate individuals or groups in applying?



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