Importing the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Pro AdvisorOne of the challenges we have in working with client files is sharing the QuickBooks information.  This occurs when the client likes to access their file on a regular basis and we need access to it at the same time, to determine payroll, WSIB and GST/HST remittances.  And due to accessibility or speed sometimes logging into the client files remotely just isn’t the best answer.  What we do instead is ask the client to make an Accountant’s Copy of their file and email it to us.  With our copy we can reconcile the bank, make adjusting entries and almost anything else we need to do while the client can still work on their file.  The only frustration the client has had when we’ve finished with their file is incorporating the file we send back to them with the one they’ve been working on.  The following is the process we now give our clients to enable a smooth blending of the files.

Importing the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

  • Save the Accountant’s Copy somewhere easily accessible on your computer. Save it on your desktop if you are not sure where it should be saved.
  • Open your QuickBooks software, and access your company file. You must be working in the file from which the Accountant’s Copy was taken. Once the software and company files are open, click the File button in the upper left corner of the menu bar. The drop down menu contains several options including the Accountant’s Copy button.
  • Moving the mouse over the Accountant’s Copy button will open another small menu to the right; move your mouse to the Client Activities button. Another menu will open where you will click on Import Accountant’s Changes.
  • Choose the location you stored the Accountant’s Copy in the open menu box when asked to retrieve the Accountant’s Change Copy. Clicking the Open button in the lower right corner of the menu box will select your Accountant’s change file.
  • Save the Accountant’s notes and changes or print the information for your records from the Incorporate Accountant’s Change box that opens. Click the Incorporate Accountant Changes button in the lower right corner of the box after saving the changes and notes.
  • Click Okay in the menu box stating QuickBooks will close all windows. A back up Copy will be saved. Click the Okay button and choose the destination to save your back-up file. After clicking the Okay button, you will see the Accountant’s Changes box open again with the incorporated changes. Click the Close button in the lower right corner of the box when you are done. You have successfully imported your Accountant’s Copy into QuickBooks.
  • Remove imposed restrictions from your file after you’ve imported the Accountant Changes. Go to the File button in the upper right left corner of the menu bar. Scroll down the menu to the Accountant’s Copy button and move the mouse to the right menu button labeled Client Activities. Rather than choosing to import Accountant’s changes, click Remove restrictions. You will confirm that you want to remove the accountant Copy restrictions.

This information has been saved for you on my Resources Page. Link access to the document can be found here for dowloading/printing.

You need to be aware of the fact that you might receive an email like the one below from QuickBooks:

Reminder: Accountant’s Changes AvailableThe changes that your accountant made to the Accountant’s Copy of your QuickBooks company file are waiting to be imported. They will be available until a specific “month-day-year.”Your accountant will be notified after you incorporate the changes.Security: The Accountant’s Changes file is encrypted and sent over secure connections.  It can only be imported into your company file, so no one else can read it.

If you’ve already incorporated the Accountant’s Copy ignore this message.

Do you have any quick tips or short cuts in working with QuickBooks? If so I would like to hear about them and share with others so send me your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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