1-2-3 QuickBooksTM Training in Newmarket Ontario

3540678_mAs a QuickBooksTM Pro Advisor here in Newmarket, Ontario, one of the key question clients ask me when looking for QuickBooksTM training is; “How long do you think it will take for me to learn what I need to know to do the bookkeeping for my company?”  The answer is not straight forward if I don’t have all the facts i.e.; Have you done bookkeeping before? Have you used accounting software before? If yes to either of those questions then;

  • How long ago,
  • What type of software and
  • What type of business was it?

If you did bookkeeping on the old one-write system, I can’t assume you’ll grasp the concept of computerized bookkeeping.  Once I have a better understanding of your experience I can suggest the amount of time I think it will take. The following is the guideline I use when doing QuickBooksTM training.

QuickBooksTM Training – 1st Session

  • General discussion on what you expect QuickBooksTM to do for your company.
  • Do you want to do your invoicing from QuickBooksTM and email the invoices directly to your clients/customers?
  • Do you have anyone on payroll or want to monitor inventory? This will help determine the initial chart of accounts and reporting requirements.
  • Create the company in QuickBooksTM
  • Learn how to navigate the home page
  • Customize your preferences for user and company
  • Understanding the chart of accounts structure and definitions
  • Adding, editing and deleting accounts in the chart of accounts
  • Determine sales tax codes
  • Choose invoice template and customize with contact information
  • Enter client/customer information to record sales and credit memos.  Items for invoicing may need to be set-up at this time
  • Recording client/customer payments and posting to the bank
  • How to back-up a company file

QuickBooksTM Training – 2nd Session

  • Searching for client/customer transactions
  • Entering vendor information and bills, expenses
  • Paying bills by cheque or credit card
  • Reconciling bank and charge card statements
  • Setting up loans and lines of credit
  • Generating and printing reports
  • Calculating and remitting sales tax
  • Looking up client/customer and vendor transactions
  • Using memorized transactions

QuickBooksTM Training – 3rd Session and possibly 4th depending on requirements

  • Working with budgets and financial reports
  • Downloading bank transactions
  • Using Customer Jobs
  • Customer estimates and sales orders
  • Payroll
  • Vendor purchase orders and discounts
  • Inventory
  • Multi-currency
  • Customization of templates

I suggest using this guideline to determine your needs when looking for QuickBooksTM training. Depending on your knowledge and experience, some of the items in the first session can be just a quick overview.

You would want to do this using your original documentation, and not a sample company or template.  This way real information is being recorded which helps establish the company accounts and preferences along with creating a reference when working on your own. With any training I always suggest that it be done away from the business if possible.  There are fewer distractions and interruptions that way.

At The Montana Group, each QuickBooksTM training session lasts for 2 hours as a one-on-one. I find there is a lot to absorb and after 2 hours you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. The training is customized to your needs.

I would like to hear from you if you’ve had challenges learning any of the points listed above or if I’ve overlooked anything you think is important in the bookkeeping – QuickBooksTM training agenda. Feel free to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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