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I recently had to contact Service Canada about a Career Focus grant one of my customers wanted to apply for. Since there was no telephone number on the online application to call regarding questions and clarification on some questions I had, I searched online for a number for Career Focus. No number was listed, but the website said I could get assistance at my local Service Canada storefront location. Now considering the government wants to eliminate cheques to us by only using direct deposit, email us for tax follow-up and allow us to search for our personal and business history with them online, the concept of traveling for information seems pretty old school to me. But I packed up my documentation and questions and drove to my closest Service Canada location.

As soon as I said why I was there to the person at reception I was told they couldn’t help me, but they would locate a phone number to call. After about 5 minutes he called me to a bank of phones and said he had someone on the telephone line that could help me. The person at the other end said he could only answer a few questions if the application was in paper format. I said, once again, that I just needed some questions answered pertaining to the eligibility requirements. It is irrelevant whether the application is online or paper. After confirming I was calling from York Region Ontario, he proceeded to clearly answer 50% of my questions. He then told me he would transfer me to another number for clarification on the other questions; and that number related to filing the application online only. So in hopes of saving others valuable time and aggravation, here are the numbers for Career Focus support, along with frequently requested Government of Canada numbers.

Career Focus provides funding for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to make more informed career decisions and develop new skills. It’s basically a grant for hiring youth between the ages of 15 and 30 (inclusive).

Applying in paper format 1.800.935.555
Online Application 1.866.945.7342

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Businesses and unemployed youth are struggling enough without the additional burden of convoluted application forms and no one to answer their questions. Hopefully this information will help.

As always I welcome your feedback. If you have additional direct contact information that you would consider sharing, please send it to me and I will be happy to post it – just click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Or, you can leave your information in the form of a comment right here on the site.

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