Goal Setting – 3 Intention Words for 2016

Maureen Burleson

I was recently consulting with an associate and asked her if she made New Year’s resolutions. Her response was no that she didn’t actually make resolutions but usually came up with 2 or 3 keys words that spoke to her about how she wanted the next year to unfold. During that conversation I thought about my own challenges of keeping New Year’s resolutions and wondered if it was time for a different approach. Once I let go of my pre-conceived thoughts on “resolutions” I easily came up with 3 key intention words which I hope will guide me towards achieving my goals in 2016. Here they are:

1. Focus
2. Health
3. Happiness

1. Focus

Social Media notifications, texts, telephone calls, requests for a minute to ask a quick question and multi-tasking all contribute to huge distractions. These lead me to not accomplishing as much as I’ve planned, or not doing what I planned well. So how will that change in 2016?

  • Look at my emails 3 times a day, and respond immediately. Sometimes it’s so easy just to open Outlook and see if someone has responded to a question I’ve sent them. Or, I answer a quick question from a number of senders and then realize I’ve spent half an hour doing it when nothing was urgent. Plus, I have a bad habit of opening an email then deciding to respond at a later time, which leads me to think about my response when I should be concentrating on what I’m working on.
  • Schedule pockets of time to respond to telephone calls, unless they are an emergency. And honestly, how many emergencies are there in an accounting and tax profession………?

2. Health

I’m good about eating a healthy diet but I dislike exercise for the sake of exercise. What I can commit to is doing physical activities that grab my interest or challenge me. This past year I joined an archery club, bought a compound bow and tried to get out as often as possible. Archery might not seem like exercise to some, but if you could see how far my arrows sometimes miss the intended targets you would understand how far I had to walk to retrieve them. 🙂  And, I chose to shoot outside instead of using the club’s indoor range. I recently bought a rowing machine as it’s one of the few piece of exercise equipment I enjoy. Since I’m moving in another month, here’s what I have planned for 2016:

  • Join another archery club closer to my new home and get involved in a league along with scheduling one day per week to shoot. Since I’ll be close to Lake Simcoe I’ve already reached out to the local rowing club and would like to get in shape to be part of a Dragon boat team.

3. Happiness

Most of us deserve to be happy. Sometimes problems are created by outside influences and circumstances, and sometimes our unhappiness is brought on by ourselves. For me I think using the word “NO” more frequently would help eliminate some of the issues that bring me down. So as I move into the New Year I will be using the word “NO” when;

  • Asked for my time from people (friends or family) or companies that I don’t like, trust, or respect
  • Trying to fit in more meetings, meals or other appointments in an already overly-booked schedule
  • Potential clients that I don’t feel are a good fit with the values of The Montana Group

So what do I think will bring me happiness?

  • Reading – I’m a voracious reader; non-fiction, biographies, professional development, along with some fluffy fiction all contribute to my relaxation state
  • Listening to music and really hearing the words
  • Spending quality time with friends and family that I truly care about
  • Belly laughs, whether live comedy acts, movies or You Tube, I love a good belly laugh
  • Working with and for people that I can connect with for the good of all concerned

If you have suggestions on how you tackle your goals or dreams going into a New Year I would love to hear from you. Just connect with me by clicking the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website or you can leave your information in the form of a comment right here on the site.

In the meantime I wish you good health, happiness and a prosperous 2016.


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  1. Karen Armstrong
    Karen Armstrong says:

    HI Maureen – A little birdie told me that you posted about your words for 2016 and that made me realize that I had not subscribed to your blogs. So, that is now rectified! I take my words, Explore, Plan and Create and back you up with your Focus, Health and Happiness! Let’s bring lots of Joy to 2016 together. Cheers!


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