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  3. Thank you for the very detailed and clear explanations on the Disability Tax Credit Amounts. They’ve been so helpful! Why can’t CRA write instructions like THAT on their letters to us? And here’s my question. I think I remember reading that if I am eligible for the Disability Tax Credit I could also claim back for part of the taxes I pay on gas for my vehicle since that is my means of transport (the car IS my lifeline).. Did I read that right or am I just being greedy (although keeping track of those receipts could be quite a challenge…)? .

    • I’m not aware of any gas tax deduction available if eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit. The only medical expense credit involving gas receipts that I’m aware of occurs when traveling more than 40 kilometers (one way) to obtain medical services. Then you could use a portion of your gas receipt or per kilometer rate.


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